Neuroscience. Art. Innovation.

Revolutionising the way we understand disability


Flying and Diving Wheelchair

Sue Austin shares how she pushes the boundaries of neurological disability by experimenting with the materials of her wheelchair.


The Lancet Neurology

A highly thought-provoking evening, filled with performances and academic talks about neurological disorders, that successfully combined complex neurological ideas with innovative technologies and live performances." - The Lancet Neurology, a leading global clinical neurology journal, reviews our flagship art-science event, Rewired: the Brain, Art and Innovation


Celebrity surprise

Russell Brand surprises guests at our Neurocreativity Exhibition, an art-science evening lead by patient-advocates with researchers


Fellowship Programme

It's our 5th year running our hands-on intensive programme teaching students from all backgrounds about neurological conditions and the benefits of art-science, co-design, diversity, creativity, engagement and inclusion


Design for (Dis)ability

Celebrating our second year teaching engineering students about neurological conditions and how to design for people with mobility challenges.


Social Targets




We support and train students on what neurological conditions are, the principals of involving and engaging patients and public in research and co-designing for people with mobility challenges


We support the development and supply of innovative adaptive equipment and technology that is not easily accessible or available through the NHS or government funding to ease everyday challenges of living with a neurological condition


We increase awareness and knowledge of neurological conditions and research on these types of illnesses using effective high-impact methods and events that are backed by over six years of research and data.