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“A highly thought-provoking evening, filled with performances and academic talks about neurological disorders, that successfully combined complex neurological ideas with innovative technologies and live performances.”

Celebrity Surprise

Russell Brand surprises guests at our Neuro-creativity Exhibition

Flying and Diving Wheelchair

Sue Austin shares how she pushes the boundaries of neurological disability, by experimenting with the materials of her wheelchair

Revolutionising the way we view neurology and illness
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Patient/Public Engagement

We support with all stages of patient and public engagement

Patient/Public Involvement

We develop patient and public involvement programmes

Research Communications

We support with research communications and accessibility

Social Targets

Research Support

We support and train students in the principals of patient / public involvement and engagement in research and on neurological conditions

Adaptive-equipment & technology

We benefit the development and supply of innovative adaptive equipment and technology that is not currently available through the NHS or government funding


We increase awareness and knowledge of neurological conditions and research on these types of illnesses

examples of our social impact

“The (research support) class with Movement for Hope really made the project seem more real. It was the first time I came across or interacted with someone with a neurological disease and it really provided a realistic and fixed idea to what the limitations were for the project and what we needed to do”…”The class improved my knowledge of neurological diseases and added a different dimension to the project. It definitely helped with the prototype design, seeing the limitations, and made the design process a more human experience, including aesthetics and a user-friendly product.”

From this project, a proof of concept for the prototype is being explored with UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to potentially bring the product to market.

UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Research support, 3rd year Engineering students | Roll-on long-term Impact: Adaptive-equipment

“Movement for Hope have helped sponsor me and partly pay for the lightweight scooter that I use now. I was finding it so difficult to lift my old one [due to muscle weakness caused Motor Neurone Disease]. As a photographer, it’s helped me to continue to take photographs. I’m able to utilise being in a scooter to my photographic advantage…MND can come creeping up on anyone, but whatever setback someone might have in life, it’s always possible to turn things around, give something back, and to end up feeling like a successful human being all over again.”

Since purchasing the new scooter, within one year, Miles has exhibited his artwork independently and with Movement for Hope in several exhibitions, and worked with a neurologist and a dancer to share his life experiences and work with a public audience of more than 400 people to raise awareness.

Miles Pilling

Supplied adaptive-equipment: the most lightweight and portable scooter in the world | Roll-on long-term Impact: Awareness-education

“Movement for Hope have brought a lot of rehabilitation supplies (adaptive-equipment) for two clinics. Physiotherapists go there twice a week to both clinics and they are treating people with severe disabilities including contractures, cerebral palsy, the end result of meningitis, etc. and the fact that the physiotherapists are there giving these treatments to these small children make a huge difference to their social circumstances and the support for their families. We are delighted to be able to have these supplies for both clinics. It makes a huge difference to the people who really need them.”

Movement for Hope and ANDREF also collaborated on a cross-disciplinary education project with Awareness Through Dance to improve awareness of Epilepsy in Kenya. The program has since been replicated with their ongoing work and implemented in the Kenyan Ministry of Education with the support of other grass-roots organisations like Youth on the Move.


African Neurological Disease Research Foundation, on adaptive-equipment supplied by MfH | Roll-on long-term Impact: Systematic awareness and education for youth
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