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What does it mean to join our community of advocates?

Advocates are an integral role in raising awareness of neurological conditions based on their expertise and lived experiences. They meet regularly either in person or virtually providing support for one another and/or discussing upcoming projects. Join our community of advocates to get involved in these types of discussions.


  • Invitations to participate in events and campaigns of interest, to raise awareness.
  • Opportunities to communicate with larger audiences via online events and campaigns of interest (e.g. blog postings, webinars, live global discussions)
  • Invitations to collaborate with researchers and artists in projects (e.g. films, seminars, workshops)
  • Opportunities to participate in Peer Focus Group Discussions
  • Keynote Speaker Invitations
  • Opportunities to develop innovative ways to share patient stories and experiences to improve outcomes

Advocates include:

  • Individuals diagnosed with a neurological condition
  • Family members of those affected by neurological conditions
  • Individuals and groups who would like to get involved and support
  • General Volunteers

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