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International Clinical Trials Day

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International Clinical Trials Day

IMG_4970 IMG_5223 IMG_5225 Sarah and Martin IMG_4961 IMG_5119
Movement for Hope attended its first International Clinical Trials Day at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre (LWENC) Clinical Research Facility (CRF). The Centre held its third annual open day on 20th May 2016, to mark International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) at UCL Institute of Neurology. Over 100 visitors attended.


ICTD celebrates the day that James Lind, a Scottish naval surgeon, started his famous study to compare six treatments as part of a 1747 prospective controlled trial to treat scurvy. This marked the start of clinical trials and clinical research.


The LWENC CRF opened its doors to all visitors to meet CRF staff and learn about the CRFs latest activities. The event was very well attended, with visitors from a variety of backgrounds including neurology patients, carers, members of the general public, industry partners, charities, NHS staff and research students.


Movement for Hope’s board member, Sarah Ezekiel, was a keynote speaker at the event and collaborating artist, Martin Vishnick, a guitarist and composition instructor, delighted visitors with music at the open day. In addition to Sarah’s talk, Dr Vincinzo Libri, Head of the CRF, gave the audience an update on the CRFs latest activities. We were also pleased to be joined by friends at the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Join Dementia Research, and the Huntington’s Disease Association.


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Neuro-Creativity Exhibition 2016


Neuro-Creativity is an educational art-science exhibition to improve public knowledge of Motor Neuron Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Cervical Dystonia and Brain Tumour, and current research on these conditions. It features unique artists who paint with their eyes or became artists after being diagnosed with a disabling disease. Descriptive cards from researchers accompany the artworks, to explain featured conditions, current research and available treatments.


The private view (buy tickets here), with live music and free drinks, will be a unique opportunity to meet the artists. You will have the chance to know more about their work and personal stories. Artworks will be on sale – 20% of the proceedings will go towards adaptive equipment purchase, research and awareness-education.


Aim: To raise awareness and educate about neurological conditions using art as a medium. 



  1. To raise awareness of neurological illnesses using art as a medium 
  2. To provide a deeper understanding of each featured neurological condition
  3. To raise awareness of how a neurological illness shapes a person’s artistic expression

Date: Monday 26th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016 – Private view on Thursday 29th September

Venue: The Tabernacle, 35 Powis Square, off Portobello Road, London, W11 2AY

Price: Tickets for the private view (£5 + fees) available here


  • The Tabernacle is fully accessible for people with disabilities, however they do not have a hearing assistance system.
  • There is level access into the venue. Level access is present in most areas throughout the building.
  • There are 2 lifts taking to all levels in the building. The Gallery is on the ground floor.
  • There are Disabled Toilets available on both the Ground and First Floors of the Tabernacle.
  • If disabled and attending the private view, you can contact the venue to arrange access to the venue prior to the main audience.

Further information:

For more information on venue accessibility, please contact Niki Kudar.
For more information on the event, please contact Rohisha Luchun and Sarah Ezekiel.

International Day of Persons with Disability

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International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) 2013

Neurological conditions are the leading cause of disability worldwide so we are pleased to be joining United Nations Enable for this year’s theme: “Break barriers, open doors: for an inclusive society for all” on December 3rd, 2013.

Join us to celebrate the contributions of art made by persons with disabilities as agents of change and development in communities they live at our next gallery exhibition, followed by a series of forums.



IDPD '13 flyerThe exhibition will feature a mix of paintings made by severely disabled individuals with fatal and disabling illnesses. The artists featured have used use eye-gaze technology, acrylic on canvas and mixed media to create their work. Additionally, it will include elements of multimedia art with videos featuring the disabled participants to improve the impact of awareness-educate surrounding brain and spinal conditions.

Tweetchat Q&A

Additionally, on IDPD December 3rd, we will host a Tweetchat via our social media platform
@MovementforHope to explore problems and innovative solutions for integrating persons with disabilities into societal and developmental plans.
The format is listed here
Time: 4pm GMT


Following this, there will be a live follow-up forum on December 4th over an evening reception.
Please find all details below –
Exhibition Venue:
123 Shepherds Bush Road
Brook Green
London W6 7LP
United Kingdom

10am-6pm December 3rd 2013, Opening Day
10am-6pm December 4th (reception and forum 6.30pm-8.30pm)
10am-6pm December 5th-10th 2013

Online Forum:
We will also be holding an online Tweetchat to explore innovative means to by which persons with disabilities and their families can be further integrated into their societies and development plans.

To find out more details about the Tweetchat follow us on social media:
Twitter at: @Movementforhope
Facebook at: Movementforhope.org

Neuro-creativity Art-Science Exhibition

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Neuro-creativity was an exhibition within a hospital setting, featuring rare and unique artists who discover their artistic talent after the onset of a neurological illness. The exhibition also has collaborative information from researchers at UCL Institute of Neurology about research on each condition featured.

The exhibition aimed to raise awareness and potential funding support from painting sales, for the featured neurological conditions and inspire current hospital patients and viewers.
Artists featured in the February exhibition include:
Sarah Ezekiel: an artist with Motor Neurone Disease.
Andy Wild: an artist with Brain Tumour and Epilepsy.
Lisa Todd: an artist with Cervical Dystonia.

Sarah: 100% of proceeds go towards adaptive eye-gaze equipment.
Andy: Paintings are for awareness only.
Lisa: 25% of proceeds goes towards research on cervical dystonia
The exhibition saw over 2,000 people. We received a substantial number of comments in our comments box that can qualitatively be assessed as having impacted several patients, families, clinicians, researchers, and lay public members.

Click on the video images below to play video

Neuro-creativity Reaction Video:

Sarah’s journey to painting:


February 4th – 28th
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
(near the Basil Samuel Outpatient Unit)
London, WC1N 3BG
United Kingdom

Painting and Participation Enquires:

To participate in our next exhibition or if any of the paintings interest you, please send us an e-mail expressing interest to paintings@movementforhope.org

Exhibition & Other Info:

For exhibition enquiries or more information please contact us at contactus@movementforhope.org


Eye-gaze Art Exhibitions

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Sarah Ezekiel’s Eye-gaze Art Exhibitions

Date: 15th March
Event: Queen Square Symposium
Location: University College Hospital, 33 Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG
Date: 4th February – 28th February
Location: National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (Basil Samuel Outpatient Unit), London WC1N 3BG
Date: 6th November
Location: Bloomsbury Theatre, 15 Gordon Street London WC1H 0AH
Date: 1st November – 17th December
Location: Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey GY4 6UU


  • Collaborate
  • Advocate
  • Connect

Graffiti and Research Collaboration -Germany

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Graffiti Meets Science in Berlin

Movement for Hope teamed up with stencil graffiti artist known as Plotbotterrobboter Ken (or Plotbot Ken) and Stattbad Wedding to do a public wall mural for Movement for Hope. The piece demonstrates the unity of art and science and it’s ability to inspire hope.

Movement for Hope collaborated with clinical researchers at Charite Hospital to unite the graffiti time-lapse footage with awareness information, educating public audiences on two movement-debilitating diseases, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis.

Special Thank you to Jascha Silbermann’s consultancy for the projects in Berlin.

Paint Aware -Research. Paintings. Awareness.

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Paint Aware

Paint Aware is uniting painting and neuroscience to raise awareness for neurological conditions. The project aims to:

  1. Raise awareness for several neurological conditions using time-lapse paintings.
  2. Educate on various biological components involved in the pathology of these conditions.
  3. Share a glimpse of the human experience associated with these conditions.

Portraits use time-lapse video to reveal an imitation of one or more microscopic disruptions that contribute to the pathology of the condition whilst maintaining the human elements of the portrait and its muse.  The videos also provide information about the biological component.

A further video shares the patient’s personal stories and what they would like to share to inspire others.


Below features of our participating advocates in this project

  • Painting Video Example
  • Meet Liam
  • Meet Chris
  • Meet Margo

Paint aware participants


Exhibition & Other Info:

November 6th
Bloomsbury Theatre: Neurology and Me
15 Gordon Street
London, United Kingdom

January 7th – 31st
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
(near the Outpatient Unit)
London, United Kingdom


For exhibition enquiries or more information please contact us at contactus@movementforhope.org
Also contact us to participate in this project to raise awareness for a neurological condition that you have.