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International Clinical Trials Day

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International Clinical Trials Day

IMG_4970 IMG_5223 IMG_5225 Sarah and Martin IMG_4961 IMG_5119
Movement for Hope attended its first International Clinical Trials Day at the Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre (LWENC) Clinical Research Facility (CRF). The Centre held its third annual open day on 20th May 2016, to mark International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) at UCL Institute of Neurology. Over 100 visitors attended.


ICTD celebrates the day that James Lind, a Scottish naval surgeon, started his famous study to compare six treatments as part of a 1747 prospective controlled trial to treat scurvy. This marked the start of clinical trials and clinical research.


The LWENC CRF opened its doors to all visitors to meet CRF staff and learn about the CRFs latest activities. The event was very well attended, with visitors from a variety of backgrounds including neurology patients, carers, members of the general public, industry partners, charities, NHS staff and research students.


Movement for Hope’s board member, Sarah Ezekiel, was a keynote speaker at the event and collaborating artist, Martin Vishnick, a guitarist and composition instructor, delighted visitors with music at the open day. In addition to Sarah’s talk, Dr Vincinzo Libri, Head of the CRF, gave the audience an update on the CRFs latest activities. We were also pleased to be joined by friends at the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Join Dementia Research, and the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Bollywood Tunes

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Bollywood Tunes

A spectacular event of music and awareness.

Pianist Gauri Sethi featured classic Bollywood Tunes with a sophisticated mix of multimedia featuring Bollywood Artists. The event is a unique mix of Bollywood that also raised awareness of neurological conditions at intermission and in the foyer.

Sunday May 19th, 2013 at 3pm
Event location:

William Goodenough House, Large Common Room
35-42 Mecklenburgh Sq.
London WC1N 2AN