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Education Pilot – China

By August 10, 2013Worldwide, Youth

Chongqing Education Pilot



Movment for Hope ChinaDecember 2013, Movement for Hope ran its third youth outreach pilot in Chongquing, China. It was our first pilot project in China.
1.) First, we will be creatively engage young people, teaching them about neurological conditions. The aim is to decrease stigma and discrimination through education about brain and spinal cord illnesses.
2.)Second, we visited hospitals to share dialogue with professors and clinicians on neurological illnesses. The program was delivered in Chinese.


1.)The results of a before and after survey showed that students 94% rated their knowledge and understanding of neurological conditions as significantly improved. 58% of students knew someone with a neurological condition.
2.)97% of people learnt about Movement for Hope and how they can better support people with neurological illnesses in China.

School Venues:
December 20th 2013
International Department of Chongqing No.1 Middle School
2 Huxia Road
Northern New Zone
Chongqing 401122

    December 21st 2013
    Chongqing No1. International Studies School
    2 Huxia Road
    Northern New Zone
    Chongqing 401122


    Chinese (中文):
    2013 年末,我们将抵达中国重庆,开展一个前期活动, 以达到两个目的。我们将去到重庆一中国际部与师生们互动向青少年介绍了解有关大脑和脊椎神经的疾病,提高大家对神经系统疾病的认识,希望通过这种形式的宣传活动让大家行动起来,使更多的人关心和帮助这个群体。我们也会渠道当地的医疗机构同研究和从事该方向的专业人员进行采访和交流。
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