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Neurology & Me: Disease,Art,Health&Hope

By September 9, 2012Art-Science

Neurology and Me: Disease, Art, Health and Hope.

An evening at the intersection of art, science and innovation

Videos from this event can be seen here
Photos from the event can be seen here


  • This event aimed to raise awareness and funding support for people with the aforementioned neurological conditions.
  • Challenge researchers to engage patient-advocates and artists for the collaborative dissemination of research in a novel way.


  • All researchers presented an element of art and work with patients in their research talks.
  • 100% ticket sales from this event were allocated evenly to our target areas: research, awareness-education, and adaptive equipment.  The audience gave us great feedback that has been qualitatively assessed for improved awareness and knowledge of neurological conditions.



Presenting an evening where art and science are merged to tell a story of the human experience with disease, art, health and hope.

Enjoy an evening of talks and artistic works featuring cutting-edge collaborations between neuroscientists, artists and individuals diagnosed with neurological conditions. The evening includes videography, live ballet, contemporary and jazz dance, fine art, live music and exhibition!!
Movement for Hope and the University College London, Institute of Neurology (Brain Repair and Rehabilitation) will be holding a public art-science event at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Come and discover how we function and interact with our environment, fine art, dance and music as well as what happens when something goes wrong. This night you will witness the synergy of art and science, telling the story of how the complexity of brain and spinal cord impact our lives in the most unique and influential ways.

Featured Neurological conditions:
Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and Dystonia.

Speakers, performers and exhibitions:
Harry Witchel, Rehana Browne (Royal Academy of Music), Mark Thomas, Anna Sadnicka, Amber Michelle Hill, Holly Rossiter, Markus Butz, Awareness Through Dance, Body of People (BOP) Jazz Theatre Company, Sarah Ezekiel (eye-gaze exhibition), Movement for Hope and Your Frontier (Paint Aware exhibition)
Tuesday November 6, 2012
Tickets £6

How to book:

020 7388 8822 (booking fees apply)
Sponsor a ticket for someone else here

Additional information:
Media: press@movementforhope.org
Volunteering: register here



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