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Paint Aware -Research. Paintings. Awareness.

Paint Aware

Paint Aware is uniting painting and neuroscience to raise awareness for neurological conditions. The project aims to:

  1. Raise awareness for several neurological conditions using time-lapse paintings.
  2. Educate on various biological components involved in the pathology of these conditions.
  3. Share a glimpse of the human experience associated with these conditions.

Portraits use time-lapse video to reveal an imitation of one or more microscopic disruptions that contribute to the pathology of the condition whilst maintaining the human elements of the portrait and its muse.  The videos also provide information about the biological component.

A further video shares the patient’s personal stories and what they would like to share to inspire others.


Below features of our participating advocates in this project

  • Painting Video Example
  • Meet Liam
  • Meet Chris
  • Meet Margo

Paint aware participants


Exhibition & Other Info:

November 6th
Bloomsbury Theatre: Neurology and Me
15 Gordon Street
London, United Kingdom

January 7th – 31st
National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
(near the Outpatient Unit)
London, United Kingdom


For exhibition enquiries or more information please contact us at contactus@movementforhope.org
Also contact us to participate in this project to raise awareness for a neurological condition that you have.




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