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Partnership with UK B-boy Championships

By September 9, 2011Press Releases

Movement for Hope seeks to encourage the advancement of art and science, unified by movement. Our focus is to raise awareness for neurological diseases and the scope multimedia art. Hence, Movement for Hope is advocating the most innovative, creative, and evolving fields in the world. Recently, Movement for Hope has made an initiative to involve artists and scientists of all backgrounds to join in raising the awareness of neurological diseases and multimedia art.

Correspondingly, Movement for Hope is announcing an exciting new partnership with the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals. The UK B-Boy Championships World Finals showcases the world’s leading break dancers in a unique dance battle following several “knock-out” rounds held around the globe. They are in their 16th year showcasing the art of breaking in battle and have a six part series dedicated them on the prestigious British public service Channel Four Television Corporation (C4), with initial views exceeding 2 million. Since 2010, the series has been repeated eight times on C4 and also featured on the Extreme Channel throughout the year.

Movement for Hope and the UK B-Boy Championships have partnered in an initiative to showcase the scope of breakdance, popping, locking, and crews from around the world as both stand-alone dancers/crews and multimedia artists—fusing the art of dance with cutting-edge science to advocate the awareness of neurological diseases and inspire hope. Furthermore, the UK B-Boy Championships are collaborating with Movement for Hope on a series of direct research projects to raise awareness for neurological diseases and disorders within the central nervous system.

To commence the partnership, UK B-Boy Championships World Finals will be aiding Movement for Hope in our first campaign, Move Hope Project, in encouraging dancers to “move” for those who cannot. That is, the UK B-Boy Championships are utilising cuttingedge dance styles to raise awareness for sufferers of movement-debilitating diseases, whilst simultaneously inspiring hope for cutting-edge scientific discovery. The Move Hope Project is raising awareness for motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis, both of which have no known cure.

Movement for Hope welcomes this partnership and the collaboration of associated artists in its quest to explore the scope of multimedia art and awareness for neurological diseases internationally.

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