Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Movement for Hope respects your privacy

Movement for hope understands your right to privacy and how important it is to you that your personal information remains secure. We hope that this policy statement will answer questions you may have about how we manage and protect your details. Your personal data is protected by UK legislation, specifically the Data Protection Act 1998, and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) 2003. We aim to exceed our legal obligations by following best practice and reviewing data collection procedures regularly.


1. What information will Movement for Hope collect about me, what is it used for, and how is it obtained?

Your personal information held by Movement for Hope is collected directly from you when you complete and return forms as part of communicating with Movement for Hope (eg signing up at an event, film or making a donation online).

We collect this information in order to promote you on our website, keep in touch with you and supply you with data relating to Movement for Hope’s work (if you wish to receive this information). This includes keeping you informed about issues that might potentially be of interest to you. The information which we collect in this way will typically include your name, postal and email addresses, and your bank details if you are supporting us financially through donations or our store. We will also sometimes obtain contact information indirectly from third parties.

In some cases Movement for Hope may collect information that the Data Protection Act considers to be ‘sensitive’ (this could include details of ethnicity or religious beliefs). Such information will only be collected and retained with your consent.

2. Will you ever share or sell my information?

We will not sell your information to third party organisations. Additionally, we do not share your personal information with third parties for their benefit. All information received by a third party will be via public information included in your biography with us (displayed with your permission) in any of our collaborators sections (i.e. collaborating artist, collaborating scientist, collaborating advocate).

We may sometimes ask third party organisations to contact you on our behalf as part of our fundraising activities, events, or films, but the information gathered in this way remains our legal responsibility and we ensure that data is treated with the same level of care as if we were handling it directly.

3. How secure is the information which I give to you?

Movement for Hope considers the care of your data a serious matter and undertakes the responsibility to protect your personal information. Several means of protecting your data are implemented including specific technologies and procedures designed to protect your privacy, such as secure servers, firewalls and SSL encryption. We also follow payment card industry (PCI) security compliance guidelines when processing credit card payments.

Any personal information transferred between locations will be both encrypted and password protected.

4. How long will you keep my information for?

We will retain your information for as long as you have an active relationship with Movement for Hope. If you cease to have an active relationship with us, or request to receive no further contact, we may retain some basic information to avoid sending you unwanted materials in the future. Additionally, this ensures we do not accidentally duplicate information.

5. Will my information ever go outside the UK?

Your non-public personal data will not be shared with Movement for Hope members in different parts of the world without your permission. We may seek permission to share information in order to enable the operation of collaborative films in other countries or fundraising events or programmes in other countries. This information does not include financial details and is only ever shared in this way for defined purposes.

Movement for Hope is aware that countries outside the European Union have differing approaches to data privacy laws, and that enforcement may not be as robust as it is within the European Union. We therefore take particular care if your data goes outside this area.

6. What if I wish to limit or cease receiving messages from Movement for Hope?

You may opt out of receiving specific information and types of messages from us by notifying us through the contact points listed below, or by following opt-out instructions on any email you might receive from us.

7. How can I check, amend or request the deletion of the information you hold about me?

You may contact us to correct inaccuracies you find in the data we hold about you, or if you wish to receive no further information from us, at any point in time. This can be done via:


It will help us to update your information quickly if you include your full name and address together with details of the correction to be made.

8. How do I request an information access report?

To request an information access report which details information we hold about you, please send your request to and the address you wish for this information to be sent to.

We aim to issue an initial response to all enquiries within five working days, and will offer a full response to all information access requests within forty working days of receipt. Movement for Hope has waived its legal right to levy a fee for this service.

9. What types of information do you collect through the website?

Movement for Hope collects both personal and statistical data relating to the use of the website.

10. How is this information collected?

Movement for Hope compiles data concerning the way in which the website is used through automated logging. Automated logging data does not compile how identifiable individuals are using the site. It is collected by means of click-stream tracking and the use of automatic logging files as you browse the website. (The information collected will include details of the IP address of your machine, the type of browser you are using, the operating system you are using, the time of your visit, the pages viewed, and any search queries you may make).

We also use cookies on our website to enable us to deliver customised content to website visitors. A cookie is a small text file that our web server places on the hard drive of your computer which collects personally identifiable information about how you use the site to enable us to tailor what you see. Our cookies have an expiry date. If the use of cookies is not enabled on your browser, certain features of the website may not be available to you. For more on cookie technology visit

All other personal information is collected on a voluntary basis by means of any HTML forms which website visitors complete during their visit. Information submitted in this way is automatically entered onto our computer system.

11. What information will I have to submit to make a donation?

In order to allow us to process an online donation you will need to provide your address and payment details. If you are completing a Gift Aid declaration we are required by law to obtain details of your home address in order to set up the mandate successfully.

12. What about links to other websites?

The Movement for Hope website includes links to websites that are outside Movement for Hope’s control, and whose content is not the responsibility of Movement for Hope. Please note that when you click on links to other web sites we encourage you to read their privacy policies because their standards may differ from ours. Any alterations to our policy on the collection or use of data will be posted on this website.

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