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Joining Our Community of Scientists


What does it mean to join our community as a scientist?

Scientists have an important role in public understanding and interest in neurological conditions, research, medicine and treatments. Join our community to get involved in these discussions.


  • Invitations to participate in innovative public engagement events
  • Opportunities to communicate with larger audiences via online events and campaigns of interest (e.g. blog postings, webinars, live global discussions)
  • Invitations to participate in knowledge transfer projects (e.g. films, seminars, workshops)
  • Science-based Roundtable Discussions
  • Keynote Speaker Invitations
  • Opportunities to develop innovative collaboration with patient-advocates and artists

Scientists Include:

  • Senior Researchers and PIs
  • Clinicians
  • Biomedical/Biotech
  • Life Sciences
  • Research Associates & Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Young scientists (post-graduate/PhD level)



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