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My Life with Tics: Canada & USA

By August 3, 2013Dance, Films, Worldwide

My Tics and Me

Increasing Awareness for Tourette Syndrome


This short film is an awareness-education and inspiration film that was developed between three countries, including the United States and Canada, where it was filmed, and the United Kingdom for post production. The short film features two people who have Tourette Syndrome and suffer from involuntary movements and sounds that affect their everyday lives.

Joel Goldman is a best selling crime writer that spent the bulk of his career as a trial lawyer based in Canada. He has adult onset of tics and expresses some of his experiences through the art of writing and character development.

Sutie Madison is the founder and artistic director at Band of Artists, based in the United States. She is a professional dancer and musician who also has Tourette Syndrome. She expresses the involuntary tics that she has through her dance style. She describes the sequence of movements that she has during a tic, as a combination similar to a dance.

Joel and Sutie are from different generations and have taken very different paths to rediscover themselves and their identity. Despite their differences in expression, they both arrive at the same conclusion about their illness.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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