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What is multimedia art

By October 13, 2011Home_buttons

Multimedia Art

What is multimedia art?

Multimedia art is an innovative discipline which seeks to unify a large range of art forms. This is creatively achieved by combining an array of artistic insights and crafts such as film, literature, performance, music and sound, drama, visual arts, or design. This merge of ideas and forms unveils a contemporary dimension or entity which attempts to engage an audience in a novel and unique way.

Why multimedia art is important for our work?

Neurological conditions are the leading cause of disability in the world, affecting people of all ages. There is an urgent need for more awareness and support fore each of these conditions. We firmly believe that multimedia art is an extremely dynamic and engaging way to raise more public awareness. More awareness generates more funding, student interest and more research. Engaging the arts is a way for everyone to be involved!! Multimedia art in particular, is inclusive of all generes, it is continually evolving and in combination with today’s modern technology, particularly digital technology, multimedia art engages everyone despite separations of disciplines (e.g. art and science). Multimedia art is our tool to unite communities, engage diverse groups of people with research, and encourage change! Neurological conditions affect our entire society, not just a small body of people. It is time we approach the problem inclusively by engaging those whom may not otherwise come across information on neurological conditions. By using the arts, particularly multimedia art, everyone can relate to the problems regarding neurological conditions, and join together to find solutions!

More on Multimedia Art

Multimedia art can be distinguished from mixed media art in which primarily blends traditional styles of visual art within a similar domain to make a one form of art more dynamic. For example creating a painting with multiple types of media (i.e. acrylic, watercolour, oil, ink, charcoal, or wax) to develop the appeal of the painting. Multimedia art however involves a larger scope than mixed media and is considered to have no restrictions, such as the boundaries of a four edges of a canvas board. There are no rules for multimedia art and mixed media art forms and Movement for Hope proudly recognises both.  We do however encourage mixed media artists to push the boundaries of their work regularly and experiment with broadening their scope—utilising movement in particular, and expanding the field to include science directly or indirectly. We can generate and inspire change for people with neurological conditions, by telling others about them and using our talents for social change!

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